M. Glyde

A writer of aesthetic speculations.

Three self-portraits by Joan Miro. There is something objective, something strangely real, something speculative that flows between these three attempts to evoke the self.

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  • Speculations 1: Updates

    Speculations 1: Updates

    Background It has been some time since I have updated this blog. The last entries I see here are dated 2019, and only I know that they are actually from 2016, the later dates being blogs I resurrected after I botched a redesign of the site and accidentally abandoned my many old blog posts –…

  • Setting-Up a Scene with Isabel Allende

    With breezy confidence and breathtaking detail, Isabel Allende evokes the forty year history of a slave woman from 18th century Haiti and other people connected to her. Allende’s prose moves with the speed of a jet ski and the grace of a ballerina, and a few chapters of THE ISLAND BENEATH THE SEA cover several…

  • Relating Hallucinatory Imagery with Ahmed Bouanani

    So, I just started reading Ahmed Bouanani’s THE HOSPITAL, which was recently released in English, translated from a uniquely-Moroccan dialect of French. This novella is wonderful, mesmerizing, strange, and moving–it begins with the words “When I walked into the hospital, I must have still been alive.” And it leaps immediately and confidently into an absurdist…

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