My publications

Short Fiction

crocodile tale 
When her sister dies, the unnamed narrator’s daughter comes to stay, and she has grown a tale that can sweep it all away. A tale that the narrator wants, and will do anything to get. Published in SEE THE ELEPHANT. 
hungers of refugees
A huge mass of refugees leave the earth, gunning for the stars. Over the generations they grow increasingly isolated, angry, and strange. When they get where they’re going, will they be brave enough to leave? Published in ESCAPE POD.
Coming sometime
I imagine it will be the story of a father who can’t let his infant daughter fly. C’mon Dad.  
even farther off
It would be really great if this one were the one about the young woman who wants to dance and grows eight legs.

long fiction

It’s a long process 

Trust me. 

Really i’m working on it

Really hard too, I want something nice.

THis whole website thing is a lot of pressure

Which is why all the meta attitude here. It’s a defense mechanism. 

there are at least four of these in the works

As in, I have false starts for at least four or five. Maybe they will turn into real starts, like the first one did.