Writing Life

Works include stories of all shapes, sizes, and colors, most of which would fall into the Weird/Fabulist/Slipstream mode. Attended Odyssey Writer’s Workshop in 2015. Slush reader for Liminal Stories. Published in See the Elephant and Escape Pod. Currently reading: Await Your Reply by Dan Chaon

Professional Life

 Currently operating as a copywriter for a sports equipment blog. Earned a Bachelor’s in English from University of Pittsburgh, attending the School of Communications at Purdue. Maybe one day I’ll stop going to school. 

Personal Life

Recently moved 1813 miles by bus from Pittsburgh, PA to El Paso, TX (took 3 days but stopped in Chicago for pizza) and then back. Live with wife and infant son in a creaky apartment. Books (Fiction, philosophy, & science). Video Games. Movies. El Charro Tequila. Jameson Whiskey–if you find me at the bar.